body issues

since I was little I’ve always been smaller, but I always felt “fat” to some degree. Regardless of if I was or not (which I wasn’t) when I looked in the mirror all I saw was negative negative negative. “I hate this” “I wish I had a flat stomach” “I wanna look like this girl” “look at her waist”

In high school I weighed next to nothing. My lowest weight was 90 pounds, and I’m 5’1. To think I thought I was fat is crazy. Below are some photos of me when I thought I was fat. (2010-2013 is when these photos were taken)

I never loved myself or how I looked. I always, still to this day, cover my arms because I hate the way they look. I hate looking down at my stomach and seeing the rolls. But I am healthy, and my stomach rolls are normal. No one comes air brushed. These “fit teas”, waist trainers, and shit like that are bad for your body.

I’m beggining to grow to love my body, every day. Step by step.

I would like to thank Jake for helping me appreciate parts of my body I’ve always hated, like my arms. Among many other things.

Loving your body is a day by day thing and today is a good day and I love my body and feel beautiful, and so should you if you’re reading this. ❤️

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