A lil Bio

Well, where do I begin..gadsdenremembered

The begging, I suppose.. I was born in a small town in Alabama.

It’s one of those bitter sweet things where you miss it, but you don’t. I do miss my family, though.

I was born on a Tuesday in May. It was the night Stephen King’s The Stand came on. So, that’s what my mom was watching while she was in labor with me. Interesting, I know.

I went through the motions of public school, like most kids. I was bullied pretty hard in high school, and that wasn’t very fun. I didn’t really enjoy high school..like at all. What I did enjoy, however, was writing and theater. In 9th grade I won first place at Trumbaur Art’s Festival for Best Self Written Monologue.  That was really cool. I’m not gonna go in to deep on high school really, because it sucked. But then I graduated!

I went to college immediately following high school graduation, and worked, and lived on my own. Proud moment while it lasted.

Then I stopped attending college because it’s expensive and I had (and still don’t have) any real idea of what I want to do with my life. I moved, within the same small town, to another house, without roommates. A few months later I got my precious angel baby, Legolas. He is a munchkin cat and he is so precious it hurts. legslegs


Then a few months later I got my precious baby, Xbox.

By this time I’ve been living in Alabama working, living life and emailing my at the time ex-boyfriend who was stationed in Japan. After months of emailing he deployed to San Diego, where we facetimed for the first time. Long story short..We got back together, I moved to Virginia, and now we are married and super happy.