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Photo Gallery of Random Stuff

Panoramic picture of the beach on a snow day
The chia pet I was meant to have
Hardstyle at work
5/8 30″ polypro periwinkle, my baby
Car rides with Keater
The little protestor that could 🚃
Dope butterfly at the Smithsonian
Washington, DC with Eli and Austin
The always necessary hardstyle photo with anything cool
I love these little babes! I’m feeling a lil homesick, and sure do miss this bunch.

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Matisyahu concert. 

So, I’m going to see one of my favorite artist, Matisyahu in March and I am so excited. 

An unexpected friend came to me when I was down down down and talked to me when I needed a friend most, that friend is Stephanie. She lives in Alabama. I live inVirginia. She is driving all the way here to go to this concert with me and we are going to have a blast. 

  • Hotel room – check
  • Concert tickets – check
  • So much excitement it can’t be contained -check