I’m selling Scentsy now, but you probably know that if you’re reading this. I started selling Scentsy because I think it’s awesome that it’s non toxic. So it’s safe around animals and children. That’s a product that sells it’s self, haha. Not to mention the scents smell so good!

Other wax burners and waxes from Walmart, Dollar General, ect.. could kill your animal babies if they ingested it! A girl in my neighborhoods cat got into her wax burner, knocked it over, and ate some of it….the cat died three days later. (RIP sweet baby kitty)

Not to mention if you have children, and they pull a wax burner onto themselves..the wax burns at such a low temperature it wouldn’t burn them! (now it would be hot, but it wouldn’t be a trip to the emergency room, either)

Moral of the story is… Stay safe with Scentsy!

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